Perhaps the only time Donald Trump received positive press from a majority of the corporate media was the time he fired missiles into Syria. Other than that single time, he received wholly negative coverage from the day he started running for president to the day he left office. The below Al Jazeera news piece summarizes what took place. This journalist was paying full attention to the media during this time frame and I believe this news piece does not even do it justice. The praise of Donald Trump did not just last one day, it lasted for weeks, with even his harshest critics praising the man and the action taken.

If you followed things at the time you might be saying to yourself “but he launched missiles after the Syrian president gassed his own people”. Except this is Donald Trump we’re talking about here, even when he did good things, the media attacked him for it, except when it was time to fire up the military industrial complex, then the media did one of their jobs as cheerleaders for the war machine.

While the US media pitched the narrative that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad gassed his own people, the alternative press was quick to point out why this may not have been the case and instead was probably the work of US allies as it would give cover to the US to bomb Syria while the world goes along with it. It was argued that Bashar al-Assad had no motive to gas people and would actually be staunchly opposed to such actions as it would give the US the cover it needs to attack them. “In early January 2020, Former OPCW inspector Ian Henderson testified to the UN Security Council that his team’s report on the April 2018 alleged gas attack in Douma, Syria, had been falsified at the orders of senior management and perhaps under pressure from the US government. The US media is silent” (source:

After these events, president Donald Trump scaled back the aggressiveness of our military overseas, it appears as though he figured a thing or two out from the experience and possibly learned that the intel he receives isn’t always correct. What it did for us, the people, is expose the corruption of our news media and shows us what they are really all about. If Donald Trump wanted the news media to praise him, waging war would be the easiest way… despite that, Donald Trump did the right thing and scaled things back and the media went back into attack mode against him. The military industrial complex isn’t the only thing the media shills for but it shows what they are willing to do for the people that push the “right agenda”.

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