A Nurse whistle blower joins Stew Peters to break down what she has seen in her hospital.


Stew: “We’re told that the Delta variant is flooding hospitals … in your hospital, is there a test for the Delta variant.”

Nurse: “Absolutely not and in fact there is no word or mention of the word Delta variant from any note, from any doctor, from any outside office, specialist, urgent care … I have not seen the words Delta variant on any chart. The only place I have seen Delta variant is in the letters going out from the hospital administration to the staff quoting reasons why they should get the vaccinations.”

Stew: “What about the number of sick people, have the number of sick people changed?”

Nurse: “No.”

Stew: “Have you seen an influx of patients recently?”

Nurse: “No, the influx I have seen is since the vaccination roll out, and it’s more vaccination related injuries. Blood clots, cardiac issues, neurological issues, balance issues, cognitive issues, aggressive behavior, encephalopathy, things like that, that are very different from the previous Covid.”

Stew: “So the patients that are in your hospital under your care right now, the majority of them are in fact not Covid patients, but they are vaccine injured patients?”

Nurse: “Yes. Yes.”

See the full shocking interview below

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