A video game player tells his story of censorship to The New Hampshire Independent …

I have been playing the game “Destiny 2” on Steam with the screen name “CovidShotsArePoison” for a few months now. Suddenly when logging in to play recently, I noticed my name has been changed to “Guardian1800”. After digging through my profile and attempting numerous name changes, it would not change to anything other than the forcibly assigned name.

After looking further into things and logging directly into bungie.net (the web site for Destiny 2’s developer Bungie), I discovered the issue:

… apparently, being against Covid vaccines or saying negative things about them has violated their code of conduct. Taking a closer look at their code of conduct, it seems like the closest fit would be “5. Discussions of sensitive topics like politics and religion – outside the context of in-game story elements”. I’m not sure it’s a great fit, Covid shouldn’t be political, but this was apparently what the particular person at Bungie decided was a fit to forcibly change my in game name and block me from ever changing it again.

This demonstrates the censorship being utilized in order to maintain a positive view of the Covid shots with the public is far reaching and it doesn’t stop at video games. It is unknown if this one player was singled out or if this was a sweep of all in game names matching “Covid”.

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