2/22/21 Update: After surpassing 500 signatures, Change.org has removed the petition with no explanation. A new site is being set up with a basic petition and place to submit an e-mail address so that the group leaders can keep in touch with those that sign.

With recent news of serious vote count irregularities in the Windham, NH 2020 election, The New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group, a new group focused on investigating and gaining support for auditing election results throughout New Hampshire has been formed.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas also recently exposed vulnerabilities in New Hampshire voting after double voting was uncovered. Couple this with many questions about Dominion voting machines used throughout the nation surfaced after the 2020 election. New Hampshire uses AccuVote voting scanners of which Dominion now owns the intellectual property.

The group is currently circulating a petition at Change.org to fully recount and investigate the Windham, NH election.

For more information you can contact Marlyn at Marlyn.todd@gmail.com or join the Facebook group.

2 thoughts on “UPDATED: New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group Takes Aim at Vote Count Irregularities”
  1. Thank you for all the work you are doing. I have been very discouraged with our goverment and felt hopeless on reaching out to our state senators or local officials. This gives us hope with the work you are doing. I am not sure how we can help but if there is something we can do we live in Dover NH. Thank you and God Bless

  2. I don’t reside in NH but in Massachusetts. However I am an enthusiastic supporter of voter integrity in New Hampshire along with the entire country. I support the vote audit/recount and wonder if someone like myself can lend any financial support to this effort.

    Thank you,
    Joe Picone
    Belmont, MA

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