After a petition circulated by a New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group gained over 500 signatures, decided to remove the petition without notice and without explanation. Leaving members of the group shocked.

This comes shortly after several antagonists joined the Facebook group to try to discourage the group from continuing their efforts and discredit its members.

A new petition has been set up at

A meeting at the Windham, NH town hall has been postponed until Monday, March 1st and will be held at the Windham High School, the group is encouraging people to show up.

You can contact Marlyn at or join the Facebook group for more information.

3 thoughts on “ Removes Windham, NH Election Recount Petition”
  1. They did it to my petition as well way back in November. I had to move it to a different forum—a conservative one—which isn’t even allowed by Facebook.

    So…they’ve done it twice to our knowledge.

  2. As I understand it, after reading the post before they were removed, there was some discussion about the wording of the petition, and the ramifications it might hold for people who signed it. In today’s cancel culture, one cannot go around threatening to “Terminate” elected officials if they do not agree with their point of view. The owner of the petition claimed that was not what they really meant, but never the less, it was what was written. I see the new petition is an exact copy of the old petition. I am afraid that the more public this petition becomes, the more of a chance Law Enforcement might get involved. If they can cancel Dr. Suess for having potential raciest overtones, a poorly worded petition which threatens to kill people for disagreeing with them, stands little chance of making it.

  3. Most people that say this stuff know that it means terminate their jobs. People pretending to be outraged are just looking for any reason to attack the objectives. After all who can openly against honest and transparent elections? Nobody, so they need to claim violence, hate or racism of those trying to reform things.

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