The Windham, NH selectman’s meeting discussing the status of the recount and investigation into the discrepancies between the machine totals and hand counted ballots brought about 150 people to the Windham High School and up to 350 people over Zoom.

According to the meeting, the New Hampshire Secretary of State is in possession of the ballots and the Windham town is in possession of the voting machines. The NH State house is currently in process of passing SB 43, which will allow an additional audit of the Windham, NH election. There is currently some debate on how this will be carried out to maintain transparency.

Voting machines have been called into question in past elections and spawned several documentaries such as HBO’s Hacking Democracy (2006). After the highly contested 2020 elections, it is now a hot topic in the United States and around the world. This is partly what is driving groups such as the NH Voter Integrity Group (which was present at the meeting, including Marylyn and A.J. Todd) to circulate petitions and take action to improve vote integrity.

Video of the entire Windham meeting is available here.

A Windham Election Integrity Committee has been set up that is pushing for a 45 day turn around on a clear path of action moving forward. It includes members from the public, state representatives and Sen. Regina Birdsell, R-Hampstead.

The New Hampshire Independent will be following up with any major developments.

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