Once revered as a major source of controversial information (or links to it) especially from within Washington DC and the political establishment has now been reduced to a mega phone for the same agendas as the mainline Corporate news sources it once challenged.

Matt Drudge and his web site The Drudge Report were paramount in countering media disinformation while Trump was running for office in 2016. This helped his web site traffic hit record high traffic levels. Since then it has fallen over 45% and is steadily shedding viewers.

Traffic to the site has fallen by more than 45% from the previous year. Sure, it has fallen from record highs and that needs to be factored in but it’s not as if Drudge or those currently operating the web site didn’t watch this all in slow motion. They could have gone back to their roots and and previously successful format, but they didn’t care.

The speculation abound is that he effectively sold out. The links on his site are now no longer shedding light on alternative or controversial stories and instead are linking to mainline narratives pushed by the political establishment and big corporate media.

Matt Drudge appeared on the Alex Jones show in 2015 and spoke about the coming end of free speech and how Internet users have been put into “Internet ghettos”.

Watch the full Matt Drudge Alex Jones interview below:

“I don’t know why they’ve been successful in pushing everybody into these little ghettos, these Facebooks, these tweets, these Instagrams,” Drudge told Alex Jones Show viewers. “This is ghetto. This is corporate. They’re taking your energy, and you’re getting nothing in return…”. “This whole social media stuff is bogus,” Drudge added. “Facebook has 2 billion users? This is garbage, this is designed to demoralize the individual.” said Drudge.

“I have remained completely independent from all of them. All of them! I am not influenced by any of them. I need no traffic from Google. I don’t care if I get one traffic referral from Google, or Bing, or Yahoo, or any of these others. It’s always been that way. Now, if you think of that set up, how rare that is, because everybody is so hungry for referrals, for ‘likes.’ I don’t need to be liked. I don’t need to be liked at all. I don’t care if there’s a button right there at the top of Drudge saying ‘like’ or ‘dislike,’ ‘thumbs up,’ ‘thumbs down,’ it doesn’t mean anything. Now, I hope that you come! It doesn’t mean you necessarily have to like what I have up there. Now, where I’ve had a lot of successes, I’m getting people from both sides of the aisle….”

Drudge bragged that he “cannot be controlled” on the show:

“I can’t be controlled! I cannot be controlled! There are no interests here, but what I see as the world events, period! That is the truth of the situation.”

This appears to no longer be the case. What changed? Did he just start thinking about selling out because the free speech crackdown had become very obvious and dangerous to the future of his web site? Was he threatened and backed down? Blackmailed some how? Did he some how just decide to assimilate into the media machine out of fear of a crackdown? It’s all speculation at this point.

What isn’t speculation is how the coverage has changed drastically from that seen in the past, that much is obvious. This makes the usefulness of the site to people seeking an alternative view almost useless.

13 thoughts on “The Fall of Matt Drudge and The Drudge Report”
      1. Establishment Republicans and most Demon-crats are destroying the republic, for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Progressivism started from the foundation of the nation, but thankfully (a positive spin), progressives are in full display, with no fear of lying or hiding. Hopefully, most people have their eyes wide open, taking note of what is currently happening.
        I think the aggressive progressivism accelerated with McCain/Finegold. Again, a product of the establishment making it harder for everyday persons, working-class individuals from participating in government. This might have worked its way to Drudge. I abandoned drudge back in 2017-2018. Nothing but fake stuff.

      2. The current gop maybe, probably yes. The gop and the Democrats are simply two close divisions of one party and one goal. Constitutional conservatives no zero, “we” are the saviors of Traditional America. Matt Drudge is not a part of that any longer, pity. Drudge probably has a billion dollars in an offshore account courtesy of the Chinese government.

  1. I think he sold out for a huge amount of money to George Soros. They must have offered him an enormous amount of money. He was a principled man. It would take a lot of money for him to self ruin his site and his reputation.

  2. They probably blackmailed him more likely or threatened bodily harm to his family – look what they did to that kid who revealed the Democrat e- mails. They told him play ball or be dead. It’s not a surprise he chose what he did. Democrats have become fascists and they want those that disagree with them to be either hanged or in jail.

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